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Arnolfini - est 1961

Field recordings of insects and amphibians combine with live and multi-tracked clarinets, featuring beautiful videos by multi-media artist Sonia Killman inspired by insect macrophotography. A family-friendly event.

Once upon a time in a meadow far awaythe joint was jumping with life. Insects were calling, frogs croaking, thesounds of summer. But this symphony of small voices is rapidly being silenced.

A celebration of nature and a call to arms, in JUMP, field recordings of insects and amphibians become part of an exciting musical score, taking audiences on an enchanting musical journey into their world.

Written and performed by the hugely talented Karen Wimhurst, Karen introduces the audience to 9 creatures including crickets, grasshoppers and toads. Each movement opens with a close imitation of the creature’s song, to be joined by Karen on live multi-tracked clarinet for a work that draws on classical and jazz in a hugely engaging duet.

Beautiful, vibrant videos, drawing on close-up images of the amazing creatures heard in the music, (created by multi-media artist Sonia Killman), will accompany the performance.

JUMP is an act of artistic engagement with these disappearing voices, a moment of reimagining our human selves. Inspired as merely one small voice within nature’s vast soundscape.

Let’s move into a world in which we all leap, bound, hop, bounce, skip, bob, caper, trill, whirr, croak, buzz, chirp, squeak, chirrup and jump for joy with the best of them. 

Many precious voices across the globe are vanishing fast.  Hold on to them for dear life.

Jump is a musical collaboration between composer Karen Wimhurst, entomologist (insect expert) Peter Smithers hon. FRES and bio acoustician Charlie Woodrow.

Produced by Sound UK. Funded by Arts Council England.