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A live performance by one of the foremost American electronic musicians.

Keith Fullerton Whitman is known for his wide-ranging work as Hrvatski, ASCIII and on many other projects, and is a leading figure in electronic composition and synthesis. Keith has lectured in Computer Music and the History of Electronic Music, as well as giving artist talks at Harvard, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition, to his own music, he is known for his realizations & performances of pieces by Dick Raaijmakers, and Conrad Schnitzler. He has also performed alongside Tony Conrad, Charlemagne Palestine, and Terry Riley in improvisational settings as well as performing the work of Rhys Chatham & Phill Niblock in ensemble settings. His numerous record releases, often partly constructed out of recordings of live shows, have been put out on labels like Planet Mu, Kranky, Carpark Records, No Fun Productions, Root Strata, PAN as well on his own Entschuldigen and (now defunct) Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge labels.

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