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No internet, no social media, little TV advertising, few specialist magazines – yet somehow this was a time in which design and craft at last reached deeply into Britain’s popular consciousness.

This seminar will examine how institutions and enthusiastic retailers like Ken Stradling worked to achieve this.  They brought us colour, fun, quality and a real appreciation of design and the craftsman’s art.   This is not just history though – their selling skills and understanding of their market still have relevance for both makers and retailers today.

Speakers will look at legendary individuals like Muriel Rose who ran the Little Gallery, Henry Rothschild of Primavera and Ken Stradling at the Bristol Guild. We’ll also explore institutional influence such as the Festival of Britain and the Crafts Council.

There will be time at the end of the day for a free visit to the exhibition A Lifelong Passion for Design: Ken Stradling at 100 at 48 Park Row, specially opened for participants.

The exhibition has been supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Gane Trust.