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Due to flooding in the building tonight’s performance will go ahead in the cafe Bar. Unfortunatley Keren Cytter will no longer be performing but Louise Herve and Chloe Maillet’s Spring Water & Sea Monsters (A Treatise on Baths) will begin at 7:30pm. Due to these changes the event will now be free!

Keren Cytter with Andrew Kerton: Poker Face

One night on stage a romantic poet is overtaken by the murderous ambition of his alter ego. As he fights for the audience’s attention and for his sanity Lady Gaga’s eponymous hit is heard undulating around his poetry. His alter-ego coerces him to kill off his colleagues in order to reclaim the spotlight.

Poker Face was originally conceived for the Serpentine Gallery’s poetry marathon in 2009.

Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet: Spring Water & Sea Monsters (A Treatise on Baths)

Historical fiction and the artistic use of remnants of the past are important elements of Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet’s practice. Their performances often combine fictional and documentary elements that are charged with historical meaning, referencing both contemporary social issues and popular forms of narration.

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