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Arnolfini - est 1961

That Was Yesterday: A Screening Programme about ‘Value’
Sat 4 Jul 5.30pm
£3.00/£2.00 Concs
Introduced by Nav Haq, Exhibitions Curator, Arnolfini.
The notion of ‘value’ is constantly reshaped with the changing dynamics of culture, as well as economic and material conditions. Yet the possession of value is still one of the more embedded explanations for legitimising culture. Taking inspiration from critic Diedrich Diederichsen’s recent essay On (Surplus) Value in Art, this selection of artists’ video works considers today’s apparent crisis of valuation. Approx 1hr

Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (CTBA)
Sat 4 Jul 7.30pm
£6.00/£4.50 Concs
Provocative and essential, artist Renzo Martens’ film, made during a period spent in the Congo, meditates on the role of the camera in places of severe poverty and unrest, utilising – and transgressing on – conventions of the documentary genre, performance and satire to raise complex questions around today’s media image economy, the ‘poverty industry’ and the role of NGOs and humanitarian organisations.
Dir. Renzo Martens, Holland, 2008, 1h 30m

Cinema Subotnik: Part 2
Sun 5 Jul 2.30pm – 10.00pm
The second instalment of an extensive screening programme curated by Lapdogs’ participating artists, looking at social class and its relationship to art. Subotniks were designated volunteer workers in the Soviet Union, undertaking labour intensive tasks, usually on weekends. In this spirit, the programme is free to attend and the artists received no fee for their contributions.