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Arnolfini - est 1961

Poster Sites, Bristol City Centre
Laura Oldfield Ford’s drawings use a variety of different motifs that reflect on the urban landscape. often beginning with the idea of the walk, the artist engages with cities in a psycho-geographic investigation, creating narratives that float between past, present and future. She produces illustration works for a variety of different formats including billboards, posters and zines. Her exhibition is conceived to take place on poster sites around Bristol city centre.

After a period of research exploring Bristol, Oldfield Ford has been commissioned to produce this set of posters, which portray a number of sites of social and architectural interest from the past and present. A zine will be produced to provide information about the exhibition and to guide you around the different sites. Available free, from Arnolfini.

This commission has been generously supported by The Gane Family Trust, Bristol City Council and Hales Gallery.