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Arnolfini - est 1961

With: Michael Kidner
selection from a taped discussion:
MH Two elements, the square and the parallelogram, when put together in certain ways provide me with my unit — a cube — with its stable/unstable perceptual possibilities. When more units are added the number of variant readings is increased, and linkages of a different order are provided by means of materials, scale and physical space.
MK You work in a sense against the cube . . . You establish various readings criss-crossing the cube and yet denying any resolution of it as a volume.
MH Yes . . . but this was the reason why I selected it. It is completely neutered as a particular image and is unstable — not resolvable as a space making mechanism.
MK I can see that this is fundamental … I think this is what gives you the identity of the total thing . . . that which is a constant denial of everything within … I mean every connection seems to destroy every other connection so that the elements don’t exist as individual entities but only as part of a totality.
MH Exactly. There is no one centre, there is no one point of focus, there is no one unit that is more important than another unit, there is no one element, line, shape or colour that is more dominant than the rest.