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Arnolfini - est 1961

Monday 22 October 7.30pm
Matthew Collings
Art Crazy Nation: The Post Blimey Art World
A lot has happened since the publication of Blimey! the anti-bible of the London art world. Many artists have become celebrities, British Art is more dominant than ever and much controversial work has been appropriated by mass consumer culture. Matthew Collings will discuss ideas from his new book Art Crazy Nation (21 Publishing, £22). What do people want from art now? What do they think it is? What are the received ideas? And what are the real ideas? Matthew Collings is the author of Blimey! From Britpop to Bohemia and It Hurts (21 Publishing £19.95). He wrote and presented This is Modern Art and Hello Culture for
Channel 4.
£5.00/£3.00 concessions