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With: Michael Craig Martin
The Michael Craig-Martin show will be in two parts, the first from 1 September—21 September and to coincide with the opening of the second part on thursday 23 September, Michael Craig-Martin will be talking about his work and showing slides, in the Arnolfini Gallery at 20 00 hrs.
‘The most effective way of changing the appearance and meaning of what one does in art is to change the basis on which one makes decisions. The most effective way of discovering an alternative is by examining real-life situations.
In daily usage, individual objects are seldom seen in isolation. They tend to group according to function and intention. The structural and visual relationships which exist between them have been given much attention. The functional relationships between objects have been given much less.
I have employed systems of repetition, extension and exchange because they expose the nature of the relations between objects without tampering with the natures of the objects themselves.’