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Arnolfini - est 1961

Michael Snow Film Programme
Sunday 7 October 3.30pm
Breakfast [Table Top Dolly] (1972-6) 14mins
‘All the varied and unusual motions visible on the screen are the result of a single camera movement’ Michael Snow
So Is This (1982) 43mins
‘This film is time text. The film reads: ‘This is the title of this film’. So is this.’ Michael Snow
The Living Room (2000) 21mins
A new work, related to his work-in-progress, Corpus Callosum.

Sunday 14 October 3.30pm
<---> (Back and Forth) (1969) 52m
‘As a move from the implications of Wavelength, <---> attempts to transcend through motion more than light … <---> is percussion and Wavelength is Song‘. Michael Snow
One Second in Montreal (1969) 26mins
‘A collection of snow scenes, all still photographs of potential sites for a monument in Montreal, follow one another for 26 minutes.’ P. Adams Sitney

Sunday 21 October 3.30pm
Dripping Water (1969) 10.5mins
Made with Joyce Wieland. 10.5 unrelenting minutes of water dripping from a tap, it ‘opens the eyes to the phenomenal world.’ Jonas Mekas
Seated Figures (1988) 42mins
‘A landscape from the perspective of an exhaust pipe!’ J. Hoberman, Village Voice
See You Later [Au Revoir] (1990) 17.5mins
‘Plot: a man leaves the office … 30 seconds was extended to become 17.5 minutes on the screen.’ Michael Snow

Saturday 27 October 6.30pm
Prelude (2000) 3mins
Wavelength (1967) 45mins
Snow’s most famous work, hailed as an experimental masterpiece.
Standard Time (1967) 8mins

Sunday 28 October 3.30pm
A Casing Shelved (1970) 46mins
A single projected slide and a ‘soundtrack’ of the artist describing the image – a shelf in his studio.
New York Eye and Ear Control (1964) 34mins
This film formed part of his Walking Woman work.

Sunday 4 November 3.30pm
Rameau’s Nephew by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen (1974) 4hrs 27mins
‘… again he seems to have made a film out of which an entire future movement could be mined.’ P. Adams Sitney

Sunday 11 November 3.30pm
To Lavoisier, who died in the Reign of Terror (1991) 53mins
‘The work of pioneering chemist Lavoisier and this film are situated between modern chemistry and alchemy …’ Michael Snow
Side Seat Paintings Slides Sound Film (1970) 20mins
‘ … the projecting and verbal (my voice) identification of slides …of paintings in various media made by myself from 1955 to 1965 …’ Michael Snow

All screenings are free