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Arnolfini - est 1961

FRI 30 SEP 6.00PM – 1.00AM £10.00 ADV
Montreal’s MUTEK Festival is proud to present a unique MICRO.MUTEK, in collaboration with The Wire at Arnolfini featuring some of the festival’s finest ambassadors. Premiered at MUTEK 2011, Horror Inc’s live set is remembered as one of this year’s highlights for its cinematic beauty. With a new full-length album, expect Deadbeat to play plenty of new material, while non-stop releases on The Mole’s busy 7 inches of Love label have been garnering attention from disco-house lovers everywhere. Plus the excellent Stephen Beaupré will deliver his memorable live set that warmed up MUTEK 2011’s Saturday all-nighter. The day also features a series of workshops and performances presented by Future Music Lab.