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Arnolfini - est 1961

Saturday 10 May 8.00pm
Miguel Pereira (Portugal)
10th May 2003, Arnolfini
Miguel Pereira is a young Lisbon-based choreographer who is fast achieving recognition outside Portugal for his rigorous but humorous work that totters somewhere between reality and unreality. He has worked with established choreographers such as Francisco Camacho and Jérôme Bel and presents this work for the first time in the UK. This project begins with the making of a show; breaking expectations, codes, myths and order, in search of an alternative use for the theatre space and a way of placing what is usually invisible centre stage. “I forget who it was who wrote about the importance of doing nothing, how the art of doing nothing is one that most people seem to have forgotten. Well, I decided to resurrect the art. In doing nothing, I would, quite literally, become part of the scenery. I would blend, immerse. Dissolve.” (Rupert Thomson, The Book Of Revelation). The title of the piece is the date and place where it is performed.
£8.00 / £5.00 concessions