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Arnolfini - est 1961

Presented by Qu Junktions, Outlands and Arnolfini, Ecstatic Material premieres a new collaboration between two outstanding original figures in their respective fields; musician and producer Beatrice Dillon and visual artist Keith Harrison.

Ecstatic Material sees Beatrice Dillon and Keith Harrison work together for the first time, crafting a dynamic sound sculpture. Drawing together malleable plastic materials, coloured lighting and multi-channel audio, they describe the outcome as a ‘play-doh pumping soundsystem’; an installation and immersive environment, drawing on feelings of euphoria, and choreographed live by the artists themselves.

Harrison describes the process as “a live experiment in which our respective systems are set in motion, bending sound and material. We have an overall structure but have factored in a capacity to react to what’s happening each night and change as the tour progresses and material accumulates.”

For support, tour DJs Copper Sounds spin copper dubplates, ceramic pots, heavy Icelandic rocks, and self-pressed grooves into a primitive and tactile turntablism. They will also lead a daytime workshop at each tour venue, where participants can design and cast their own playable wax 7”.