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In November, Housework return to Arnolfini’s auditorium for their last dance of 2018.

This time they’ve invited De School resident, DJ and producer upsammy & visual artists Avva Studios along for the mind-bending, tekno-twisting, river delta ride.

upsammy is the production and DJ alias of Thessa Torsing, a Dutch artist quickly gathering claim and momentum through her head-turning musical releases and mind-bending DJ sets. A common thread runs though her sound, both on record and in the club – icy, trippy soundscapes merge with snappy, pointillistic rhythms to create something intriguing and eminently danceable. A resident at the renowned De School in Amsterdam has solidified her status as an exciting and daring DJ, and her performance inside Arnolfini’s auditorium looks set to be a unique and thrilling experience.

Guest DJ:

upsammy (@Nous’klaer/De School) 

+ Housework residents

Shanti Celeste (Peach Discs / NTS Radio)

Gramrcy (FTD / Peach Discs)

Golesworthy (Banoffee Pies Records)

Daisy Moon (Brstl)

“As for the Housework crew, they proved that even though most of them are living overseas, they haven’t lost their knack for pulling off killer parties on home turf.”