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Arnolfini - est 1961


Conceived as an instrument for implementing the goals of the environmental art movement, Ocean Earth Development Corporation was established in 1980, emerging from the New York-based offices founded by Peter Fend, Colen Fitzgibbon, Jenny Holzer, Peter Nadin, Richard Prince and Robin Winters. At the heart of Ocean Earth’s approach is a fundamental re-organisation of geographical information according not to land masses or hemispheres, but to ocean basins.

At Arnolfini, Ocean Earth will present Situation Room, an oceanographic display centred around Antarctica, a radical cartography that reconsiders the territories of nation states. The exhibition presents Ocean Earth’s current projects, which aim to achieve ‘climate stability’ through ‘technology change’. The exhibition will also raise awareness of the effects of some of the world’s major architectural landscape developments, such as the Three Gorges Dam in China, that are having catastrophic effects on the ecology of ocean basins.

Ocean Earth are Peter Fend, Kevin Gannon, Catherine Griffiths, Heidi Mardon, Adrienne Livingstone and Eve Vaterlaus. Ocean Earth is part of the Artist/Activist season, a series of Arnolfini projects in Autumn/Winter 2009/2010.

Sat 5 Dec 2.00pm / Free
Members of Ocean Earth, including Peter Fend and Catherine Griffiths, will be in conversation with Tom Trevor, Arnolfini Director.