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Arnolfini - est 1961


A choreography for stroboscopes, physically perceptible sounds, vibrating space and images that form on the retina of the eye just after the lights go out.


Using LED lights, stroboscopes, extreme smoke and sub bass, the performance offers an intense and immersive theatrical experience which is not suitable for the faint of heart.

In Shadow Meadow, Czech artist Jan Mocek investigates the all-pervading uncertainty and fear (the fear of unknown, the fear of the future) that rules the contemporary political situation in Europe. The performance does not speculate about all the possible futures or offer imaginative phantasies about how the world will look in coming decades. Instead, it investigates how the notion of the future, that is essentially unknown, is written and incorporated in our post-contemporary, daily-life experience.

“A technically well-executed performance that delivers a minimally powerful audiovisual experience, to the very limit of sensory (visual, auditory) tolerance. An intensive perception in the Czech theater, little known, can be long after the performance.” Pavel Širmer,

Presented as part of Submerge, Bristol’s International Digital Arts Festival.

Please note that Shadow Meadow uses stroboscopes (flashing lights) and use of a smoke machine. It may not be suitable for children, pregnant women or people with epilepsy.