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Arnolfini - est 1961

Thursday 5 February 16.00
Presentation: Digital/Live Art research commissions
Arnolfini is working with Mobile Bristol on two artists’ commissions which use some of the latest digital technologies. The artists, Zoe Irvine and Daniel Belasco Rogers, are exploring Mobile Bristol’s ‘wireless network’ in Bristol’s harbourside. It enables people in the area to access digital information via portable technology such as hand-held computers.

Zoe Irvine: Soundtracks
Zoe Irvine works with audio as a medium and her practice often investigates ideas of transience, borders, soundscape, history and archive. In this project Irvine merges stories and found sounds in order to create an ‘audio film’ for the Harbourside.

Daniel Belasco Rogers
A description of this place as if you were someone else
Since moving to Berlin two years ago, Rogers has been recording his journeys – first by annotating streetmaps and then using a Global Positioning System recorder which maps his movements digitally. His work has focused on how physical locations can hold a personal significance. In this commission he weaves together personal stories to uncover new layers of meaning embedded in the Harbourside.