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Arnolfini - est 1961

Thu 30 Nov & Fri 1 Dec 7.30pm

Quarantine & Company Fierce

Susan And Darren

£8.00/£6.00 Concs Limited Capacity Booking Essential

Susan & Darren is created and performed by Darren Pritchard and his mum, Susan. She is fifty and he is twenty-five. Darren lives at home with Susan in the house he grew up in. Darren is a dancer and a choreographer. Susan cleans – both for Darren and professionally. They dance together at home to John Holt, Althea and Donna and Diana Ross. You’d spot that they were mother and son instantly.

You are invited to help Susan and Darren prepare for one of their famous parties. There will be devastation, intimate conversation and a lovely buffet. Innovative theatre creators Quarantine and urban dance group Company Fierce join forces to create a performance where real life doesn’t stop when the show starts.

Dance Workshop

Darren Pritchard will lead a dance workshop before each performance, which will alter the course of the night’s show. You are invited to join the workshop but it is not compulsory. All ages and levels of dance experience are welcome. Free to ticket holders but booking is essential. To find out when and where, call the Box Office on 0117 917 2300 / 01.