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Arnolfini - est 1961

An evening of lo-fi, hi-nrg sounds from three bands undefined by genre and convention whose DIY ethos and punk spirit are sure to pack a sucker punch. Tearing apart the music rule book, each band manifests a spontaneity through their performance that resists formality through raucous and provocative experimentation and self-expression.

Ravioli Me Away

Ravioli Me Away’s dangerously ambitious and delusional jazzy-post-pop-punk-hip-funk sound with stylistically schizophrenic motifs span all-known past, present and future human cultures and sub-cultures. This is social realism soaked through with a heady dose of fantasy, idiosyncratic poetics, keyboard flurries and vocal vicissitudes described as “vintage drag-queen Bananarama Youtube footage played with twice the sass and in double time with an incredulous broadband connection reflected in the eyes of a much overworked and downright exhausted Julie Burchill on acid.”

Ravioli Me Away are a London based band who have toured Europe and UK over the three years of playing together. Their debut album titled ‘The Inevitable Album’ was released in August 2014 with a new album to be released in September 2016 through Upset The Rhythm. They have worked on live recordings produced by Ben Waller of The Country Teasers/The Rebel, Neen Records and feature on various compilations by independent labels, including Riots Not Diets.



ILL fly into pure expression until euphoric heavy jump up and down noise is created for a “nourishing dose of post-punk medicine”. ILL believe in the power of disobedient noise, creating a boisterous swarm of sounds. Building from intuitive improvisations, ILL’s live set is constantly evolving. Expect anything from no- wave pop to rage-filled sonic meltdowns, with plenty of personality and politics.

Their sometimes-structured, sometimes-spontaneous compositions embrace the entire emotional spectrum and hold a furious energy close to their hearts. “It’s like Cosmopolitans and Leopards and Ill Ease and Valerie all rolled into one.” Everett True (Song of the day- Collapse Board).  

Read an interview with ILL in the Quietus HERE 



Bellies! are Bristol based two-piece Debi Withers and Nat Brown. Their first album Sinister World Music is a concept album exploring the sinister dimensions of contemporary life. The Sinister World Bellies! conjure is populated by vast piles of poisonous digital waste, decomposing lives, the tyrannical reign of the credit devil, oodles of drivel, too much data and distracted consciousness.

This event is part of the Moving Targets programme.