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What does it mean to be a Black millennial in Britain today? Book your place now for Bristol’s satellite event to ‘Re-Imagine Black Britain’

The political landscape in Britain has changed significantly and since 2013 there has been an upsurge of creative, radical, grassroots, and independent platforms taking space and providing a voice and representation for young black women in particular.

A new approach is needed to confront and challenge the growing oppression and marginalisation of the Black community, in all its variety and heterogeneity.

This one-off event will bring together some of the brightest young minds in Bristol to discuss questions like:

    • How can we liberate ourselves through education and decolonised histories?
    • How can we empower each other through starting and supporting Black-owned businesses?
    • How can we build as a community, whilst still dissecting our differences and the way those may impact our lived experiences in Britain?
    • What role can the arts play in our liberation, the archiving of our stories, and re-shifting the narrative, especially as Black poets, writers, filmmakers, and artists continue to shake the status quo online and offline?
    • How can we build a meaningful and inclusive movement?

The evening will consist of a 45 minute panel followed by a workshop/networking session to further explore how we can work together better.


This event is Bristol’s satellite event to the main Re-imagining Black Britain conference which takes place on Saturday 27 January at Centrala, Birmingham.