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Arnolfini - est 1961

Wednesday 12 July 7.30pm
Reading: Jack Allen
When the Whistle Blows
Arnolfini is pleased to host the launch of Jack Allen’s first novel When the Whistle Blows (Dedalus £8.99). Set in an inner city comprehensive in Bristol this is a black, anarchic, larger-than-life comic novel. Caleb Duck, fuelled by alcohol and drug-induced fantasy embarks on a one-man crusade to break the cycle of deprivation that inflicts the pupils of his Department. He encounters sex, drugs, suicide, murder and cannibalism in his odyssey of destruction and abuse, destroying all that he cares about as he shakes the educational system to its core. Jack Allen is a Bristol-based playwright. The success of his writing led him to retire as head of a special unit for disaffected pupils in Bristol.
Tickets £2.50 / £1.50 Concessions