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Arnolfini - est 1961

Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November 8.00pm
Reckless Sleepers
In the Shadow

Plato said that reality is like a cave, within which prisoners are chained by their hands and necks so that they are unable to see behind them. The light of a fire casts shadows on to a wall, and we are left to interpret the shadowy remains of a brighter, truer world. Reckless Sleepers give us a glimpse into another world – a wire frame model before the colours and textures are applied. It’s an empty space, a room full of fragments, forgotten actions, remembered words. The four people who inhabit this place begin to see things that sound familiar and sound very strange. They leave one vacant room to forcibly enter another place, a no-man’s-land, where trees are stunted, where the desperate fall.

Reckless Sleepers have worked with Arnolfini Live extensively over the last two years, and this show draws on material gathered during a residency in summer 2000.