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Arnolfini - est 1961

Saturday. 8 August
11.30-1.30 and 2.30-4.30
“In art, as in life, what we expect to happen usually does. When we come across an unfamiliar artifact we attempt in a variety of ways to deny its existence. Our strategy is to assign it to function, use or narrative. We render the unfamiliar familiar. For my workshop, what I propose to do is to construct a set, location or mise-en-scene in which an event has just occurred or is about to occur. By the addition or subtraction of items from this initial situation, changes in the nature of that event will be introduced. Thus a chair facing a window may tell us that someone is lonely or is waiting: a hat on the chair may tell us that someone has come into the room, if the window is open it may be summertime or someone may have jumped out. There will be certain clues and it will be up to us to discover what we may from those clues”. R. Deacon