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Across four performances Vanhee will speak ahead of one’s thoughts
to demonstrate the extent to which language is part social product, part inherited in terms of rhythm and tone.

With: Sarah Vanhee

Four performances based on a practice developed by Belgian artist Vanhee called turning-turning, where she tries to communicate everything that is simultaneously going on in her mind.. Rather than just a vehicle for communication, Vanhee considers speech to be movement, with each of us possessing unique patterns and characteristics when we speak. A technique – and, at the same time, a paradox – used to emphasize these patterns (and also transform and overcome them) is to speak ahead of one’s thought’ which Sarah will demonstrate asking us the extent to which language is a social product? Or whether there are inherent rhythm and tones generated in the body to direct one’s word-flow?

Sat 19 Jan

1pm – 1.45pm – Sarah Vanhee – 1

3.30pm – 4.15pm – Sarah Vanhee – 2

Sun 20 Jan

3pm – 3.45pm – Sarah Vanhee – 3

Download the full programme here.