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Arnolfini - est 1961

Featuring 12 short films by Neurodiverse filmmakers developed in 2019 by biggerhouse film, plus an opportunity to take part in a discussion about the next step for Neurodiverse filmmaking.

“…… neurodivergent – i.e. being dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic, or having other learning difficulties or neurological/cognitive conditions, or experiencing yourself as someone whose way of relating to the world and other people is outside of the norm.” – Dr Daniel Oliver


Different Voices is an ongoing talent development and mentoring programme for emerging filmmakers and creatives from the Neurodiverse community. The project is being run by Bristol based biggerhouse film, and 104 films who are the world leaders in disability cinema and in association with Arnolfini.

The project aims to foster a new generation of filmmakers working from a voice that is under represented in mainstream cinema.

So far in 2019, nine emerging filmmakers have created their first short films through a series of free workshops and one to one training sessions that covered animation, FX filming, editing, drama production and scriptwriting. 

Through Life Magnified, the project has gone further than ever before by working with three emerging Neurodiverse Filmmakers, Jeff Johns, Jessie Currie and Benedict Robinson to take their filmmaking to the next level.

Please come and watch the films and take part in a discussion about the next step for Neurodiverse filmmaking in Bristol and SW.

This programme is supported by ScreenSkills using National Lottery funds awarded by the British Film Institute (BFI) as part of the Future Film Skills programme. 

PLUS  . . .

The Dawn of the Dark Fox

Presented by Alex Usborne of 104 films, we are sharing a sneak preview of the first feature film directed by an autistic filmmaker which builds on the developing collaboration between biggerhouse film maker Tom Stubbs and Michael Smith, who have been working together for over 10 years.

The film is a comedy about autism, friendship and the film making process: combining documentary, fiction & fantasy and has received development funding from Creative England.