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Arnolfini - est 1961

With: David Annesley, Derek Boshier, Francis Morland, Isaac Witkin, Tim Scott, William Pye, William Turnbull
Much of the sculpture being made by younger British sculptors is large-scale work. From 2-30 december the Arnolfini Gallery will be showing small-scale sculpture and small maquettes for larger works by David Annesley/Derek Boshier/John Dee/Justin Knowles/Francis Morland/William Pye/Tim Scott/William Turnbull/lsaac Witkin. Many of these took part in the 1968 New British Sculpture/Bristol exhibition which was shown both at the Arnolfini Gallery and on a number of open air sites in the central area of Bristol.
The first multiples which were shown at the Arnolfini Gallery were the Takis signals and Liliane Lijn Liquid Reflections shown in february 1968 by Unlimited/Bath. The full range of multiples by Takis/Liliane Lijn/Mary Martin/Lygia Clark/Kenneth Martin/Michael McKinnon produced by Unlimited will be shown in the first floor gallery. The prices of these works range from £6 to £95.
When the Arnolfini Gallery opened in 1961 there was practically no opportunity to see new jewellery by the very small number of people interested in re-assessing the possibilities of the medium, it was decided that as an extension of the Gallery’s activities a small range of new jewellery would be on permanent display and that each december a larger range would be shown. The first exhibition included pieces by Gerda Flockinger and Breon O’Casey and the Gallery has produced catalogue sheets of their work in the december 1970 exhibition together with that of Lynne Bradshaw + Richard Bonehill and Wendy Ramshaw. Also included in the exhibition will be work by Rebecca John and Gunilla Treen. Rebecca John studied jewellery at the Central School of Art + Design, London 1966-69 and her work was first shown at the Arnolfini Gallery in december 1969. She is now working on 3 series of brooches which incorporate original drawings in pencil and watercolour. Gunilla Treen is in her final year at the Central School of Art + Design. Among the jewellery she will be showing are a series of works in silver and gold incorporating enamels.
During the preview there will be a continuous projection of “Link” in the upper gallery—an 11 minute colour film by Derek Boshier produced by the Arts Council of Great Britain as one of a series of films being made by artists as an extension of their work. Derek Boshier works in perspex and neon and this film explores his recent preoccupation with certain basic geometric shapes. The film begins with three-the cube, the dome and the pyramid—and “links” them with related natural and man-made forms using original material/ newsreel/animation/travelogues and pieces of scientific film. As well as the small sculpture and maquettes in the Arnolfini Gallery exhibition Derek Boshier will be showing new sculpture at the Hayward Gallery, London 10 december-10 January 1971.
The preview, to which all full members of the Arnolfini Gallery Scheme are invited is on tuesday 1 december 20 00-22.00 hrs. The exhibition will continue until 30 december monday-friday 10 00-19.00hrs/saturday 10 00-13.00hrs. The Gallery will close at 19.00hrs on 24 december and re-open at 10.00hrs on monday 28 december.