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Arnolfini - est 1961

Please note this event has now sold out

Let us start with the idea that being an ally is not about you, but rather about how you can best support an oppressed group. This could be your child, your partner, an employee/employer, a friend…the list goes on.

At this session, you are invited to discuss the role of being a ‘Great Ally’, specifically in the context of the Black Girl Movement. Hear from black women about their experience and what they desire from allyship, find out how the Black Girl Movement also benefits you and how you can support each other to be great allies.

This is a safe space for discussion and exploration, with inspiring speakers and facilitators. It includes lots of room for small group discussion, creative thinking and Q&A.

Come with positive energy, an open mind and a passion for radical change.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to join the Black Girl Movement in understanding how and what to do when supporting marginalised and oppressed groups.

Advised 18+

All backgrounds welcome (e.g genders, race, class, ability)

We strongly encourage white men and women to attend this event as we recognise they are currently under represented in supporting the movement for Equality.


Mena Fombo

Mena is an exciting trainer, who refers to herself as ‘a maverick in the business of radical development! AKA someone not afraid to stand up and fight for social change! She is a purposeful coach, facilitator, speaker, consultant and activist. She was behind the internationally recognized campaign and TEDx Talk ‘No. You Cannot Touch My Hair’. She is also the creator of ‘Black Girl Convention’, which was first launched here at Arnolfini in November 2017.


Joy is an inspiring facilitator and speaker who refers to herself as ‘the mother of plants’. She is the Founder of The Social Detail and co-founder of the BME collective, creating safe spaces and regular meet ups for people of colour. 


Ticket sales from this event will enable Black Girl Convention to organise more events in the future. Please consider buying a higher priced ticket in support of the Black Girl Movement and the Black Girl Convention 2018.