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Arnolfini - est 1961

8.00pm on Tuesday 24, Wednesday 25, Thursday
26. Friday 27 March
Auditorium £I .25. Tickets available now.
“I designed SOMERSET as a form of entertainment …” writes Lizzie Cox “I wanted to remind people of the optimism of the landscape, of nature and of farming activity, and therefore of life… With exciting and catchy music by Stuart Gordon, and the assured choreography and dancing by Kirstie Simson. “Somerset” describes the seasonal changes of a field at Nettlecombe, Somerset, and the dramatic interruptions made by man’s cultivation. The performance provides an intensely moving experience for children and adults alike. “SOMERSET” originated from a visual diary kept by Lizzie Cox from September 1976 to Harvest 1977. Pages from the diary will be exhibited in the Restaurant during March.