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Arnolfini - est 1961

Raise the Bar presents an extra special event exploring the role of spoken word in UK culture and society.

Having had some of the world’s most prolific performance poets grace our stage in the past 5 years, we’re thrilled to present this extra special event exploring the role of spoken word in UK culture and society. 

Spoken word performer and author of Stage Invasion (Out-Spoken Press), Pete ‘The Temp’ Bearder will deliver an enthralling talk and performance. Followed by a panel discussion with leading South West spoken word artists Vanessa Kisuule, Lucy English, and Tongue Fu founder/host Chris Redmond. Chaired by Raise the Bar founder, Danny ‘Craft-D’ Pandolfi.

Stage Invasion (Out-Spoken Press) is a ground breaking new book which explores the unwritten history, science and skill of spoken word and answers some strangely under-explored questions: What is the history of performance poetry in the UK? How does emotional contagion happen in live literature? What has spoken word got to do with hypnotism and ecstatic states? This crucial and highly accessible book explores a thriving ecology of artistry, and how it can serve us for cultural, social and political renewal. 


‘Here is a manifesto, party invitation, learned tome, history of ideas and soundtrack for exciting & scary times. Enjoy!’ (Ian McMillan BBC Radio 3)

Description of the image at the top of the page: A black microphone on a microphone stand against a red background. The microphone has roots growing out of the bottom.