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Arnolfini - est 1961

Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 April


Hallucination Generation: High modernism in a tripped out world

Stewart Home’s mother, Julia Callan Thompson, moved to London in 1960. She worked as a model and hostess in Soho clubs such as Murray’s and Churchill’s and via her experimentation with drugs, came into contact with some of the key figures and organisations of 60s counterculture. Through his ongoing investigation into the unresolved circumstances of his mother’s death, Stewart Home has woven together a complex countercultural web radiating outwards from the traces she left behind.

This short exhibition includes sculpture by Francis Morland, Stewart’s film piece The Eclipse and Re-Emergence of the Oedipus Complex and a series of photographs, made with photographer and video artist Chris Dorley-Brown, morphing images of Stewart with photographs of his (m)other taken by Carla Hopkinson in 1966. The exhibition is accompanied by a talk and reading by Stewart on Wed 26 April