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Arnolfini - est 1961

“Witty, interesting, tough and tender.” (Lamda Literary) – Laugh, cry, be welcomed! Family stories that anyone can enjoy and relate to, and that LGBTQ+ people will cherish their own reflections in.

Arnolfini and UWE Sociology present S. Bear Bergman with The Whole Queer Story.

A six-year-old contrives an elaborate excuse to run through the backyard sprinkler shirtless as the neighborhood boys are free to do.

The laundry-room discovery of a transgender college student’s boxer-briefs during a visit home leads to a blow-up with his parents.

A queer, transgender, cross-cultural international wedding unites two very different, and very nervous, families.

Introduced by Dr Finn Mackay, internationally-renowned storyteller S. Bear Bergman will tell a trio of funny, heartbreaking, astutely observant, and broadly illuminating stories to offer both a window into a queer, transgender life and also perhaps a mirror to your own gendered experiences – regardless of what your gender may be.

Description of the image at the top of the page: The storyteller, S. Bear Bergman, stands smiling toward the camera. He is a broad-shouldered man with a friendly face and a brown beard. He is wearing blue rimmed spectacles, a plaid bow tie and a navy blue buttoned up cardigan.