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Arnolfini - est 1961

Arnolfini’s Summer Music Series continues with a celebration of Bristol’s women, non-binary, queer, and people of colour.

Intervention / 404

Founded by local DJ Ifeoluwa, Intervention began in November 2016 as a response to the toxic homogenous and often white DJ and guitar scene in Bristol and beyond.

Since then, they have regularly held free DJ and music production workshops across the UK, teaming up with the nation’s best and brightest. Representation and visibility of marginalised groups – often the creators and originators of everything from punk to Jersey to techno – has not only sparked a much needed debate but has kickstarted the careers of many POC, womxn and LGBT+ individuals with different abilities.

404, Bristol label, club night and radio show, seeks to push the boundaries of underground dance music by uplifting and amplifying marginalised individuals – allowing for creative experimentation on the dancefloor and on the air waves. 

Ifelouwa says,

“the aim of this series is to showcase the best of Bristol’s local talent. Music has the power to instigate change, spark discussion and exist as a tool against oppression. Over the series, we will see artists and musicians from across both marginalised and privileged demographics presenting to themselves to the world in a way that is unfiltered – resisting the rigid confines of wider society. Identity and music has since the dawn of time gone hand in hand. Over the last century, music has been the tool of the oppressed and the disillusioned – existing as a medium to fight against racial hierarchies, patriarchy and heteronormativity. Allowing artists to freely self express themselves is at the core of this and we extend this to our supporters and guests. Combining as many forms of art as possible, expect a completely immersive experience engaging the senses and forcing you to challenge your own perception of music and those around you. No racism, sexism, transphobia, queerphobia, ableism and classism will be tolerated. This is a chance for those who are not often heard to take centre stage.”

Arnolfini’s Summer Music Series is a live broadcast with you at the centre. Join us, Thursday nights through June, July, and into August. Bristol’s artists play with new ideas, side project, and live experiments – a showcase of leading local talents whose names are known across the globe.

At Arnolfini Cafe/Bar, on our sunlit Harbourside Plaza.