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Presented by WEDF (West of England Design Forum)
Inside out, upside down and round and round: inside the Whirli process. From strategy to naming, through to a visual and verbal identity, Ragged Edge discuss how collaboration and diversity of thought always leads to better creative.

Through their Whirli case study, they’ll demonstrate how the holy trinity of strategy, creative and stellar account management result in the bravest of ideas. We’ll see how an innovative concept and irreverent, contemporary branding delivers the perfect combination. 

Join us for this unique insight into the project from both agency and client.

Ragged Edge are a London agency specialising in branding with substance. Originally founded on a partnership with Grey Goose – that still endures today – over the last ten years they have built brands for energy companies, hotels, fintech start-ups, and many more. 

They believe that standing out means standing for something meaningful. Partnering with ambitious businesses, they work together to define their most compelling truths and use them to create deeper, richer brands that can truly shape what an organisation does, and what it becomes. Brands that have the power to disrupt crowded categories through integrity and purpose, that work on and offline, locally and globally, and for the world today and tomorrow.

Whirli: With our increasing awareness of a single-use society, Whirli delivers the perfect way of‘swapping not shopping’ with their toy subscription brand.

Simply create your perfect toy box from their huge online collection and it’s delivered to your door. Whenever you’re done with a toy send it back and pick something new. There’s no limit to the number of swaps, and you even get to keep the ones you like forever!