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Arnolfini - est 1961

Come and hear about Bristol’s pioneering disabled artists with learning difficulties, who set up an art club at a day centre 30 years ago and have gone on to exhibit across the UK and internationally.

As their name states, this group, Artists First, want to be taken seriously as artists and at this event they will show new films about their work, talk about their origins and reveal their new publication. There will even be a chance to work with them on some new drawings.

“Artists First is our name. We chose it and that’s important. Choosing to be called an artist first gets rid of the bad names. Being known as an artist, an artist first before anything else changes things, it changes attitudes. This is what the last 30 years has been about, coming together, making art, sharing it through exhibitions, workshops and talks.”

This is the culmination of a project to document, archive and share the 30 year history of Artists First, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and resulting in new films, a website and events across Bristol.