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Presented by Mandem, in partnership with Arnolfini – “Mandem wants to engage young people in social issues without boring them.”

“Feminism has been the leading social movement challenging the dangers of traditional masculinity for decades. 

However many men of colour face tangible inequalities and disenfranchisement – how does feminism apply to the realities of their day to day lives? Can feminism’s critique of traditional gender roles liberate men from harmful elements of masculinity? Why are those roles so bound to male dominance and female subordination? And what is men’s role in the dismantling of rape culture and patriarchy?

This event seeks to make feminism – and particularly radical feminism – more accessible to men who feel that they have no part to play in the conversation. Radical feminists like bell hooks have been calling for more men to engage in feminism for decades – this event is our attempt to start.


Panelists include:

Adom Philogene
Adom completed his PhD in Social Anthropology last year at the prestigious University of St Andrews. His doctoral project explored fatherhood, masculinity and inter-generational kinship in the commonwealth of Dominica. He now lectures at Goldsmiths in London.

Peter Adegoke
Peter is in his final year of Philosophy at the University of Bristol. In his recent written piece for MANDEM he chose to explore the politics behind recent blockbuster, Black Panther. His current written work focuses on the intersection of race and gender as it relates to philosophy.

Delano Gournet-Moore
Delano studies Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol. He’s better known by his emcee name Ddash Red and appeared on the Reconstructing Black Manhood panel last year. He’s recently set up a podcast that explores the politics of race and gender in contemporary society.

Marcus Fagon
Marcus has completed two Masters Degrees one in Social and Political Thought and another in Youth and Community Work. In both courses he focused his research around racial identity and politics. He is currently working as a therapist and mentor primarily with young men.

FINAL NOTE: We are very conscious that this is an all-male panel gathered to discuss feminism and wanted to make transparent our reasoning. We think it’s important that men take it upon themselves to discuss feminism seriously; too often women are expected to do the emotional labour of explaining to men their responsibilities. This event is about mandem coming together to do this work. We definitely value any contribution from women in attendance, including thoughts on this reasoning, and time is planned as a part of the event for these contributions. 


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