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Arnolfini - est 1961

IC-Visual Lab present HEREAFTER a talk by artist Frederico Clavarino, exploring photographic legacies of the British Empire

Federico Clavarino, is an international acclaimed photographer, his work has been exhibited widely and realised in numerous photobooks: La Vertigine (Fiesta Ediciones/Cuadernos de ls Kursala, 2010), Ukraina Passport (Fiesta Ediciones, 2011), Italia o Italia (Akina Books, 2014) and The Castle (Dalpine, 2016).

He defines his work as “originating from problems regarding location in space and in time. He finds shelter in the Imaginary, shaping it through photography in an effort of reconstruction of the world, starting from meaningful fragments of it in order to make it inhabitable. There is no evident context, reality transcends and recreates itself through the sum of the images, through the relations that are established between them.

During this talk, Clavarino will introduce his trajectory including a new body of work, entitled HEREAFTER. Inspired by the life of his grandparents as diplomats of the British Empire, the project creates a dialog between the old photos, letters and other materials produced by Federico’s grandparents during their years in the Middle East where they were based for many years, with the contemporary Middle East as experienced by Federico himself in the recent trips he took to the region.

During his stay Clavarino will be delivering a workshop entitled Ghost Stories. More info here

These events are organised by IC-Visual Lab and supported by the Arts Council of England and Bristol Archives.