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Arnolfini - est 1961

Supported by Arnolfini: MANDEM and Afrika Eye present an insightful discussion on the future of the journalism industry and the importance of authentic representation and diversity within the sector.

In 2016, a damning survey conducted by Neil Thurman of City University London found diversity in the British journalism industry to be shockingly low. Of almost 30,000 journalists sampled, 94% were white. In addition to the lack of diversity, women tend to be underpaid or under-promoted within the industry. We aim to unpack the statistics by challenging the present state of journalism and considering accountability and change for its future.

At this event Elias Williams, founder of MANDEM, will host a discussion with several other journalists operating in Bristol, followed by an audience Q&A. The panel discussion will be preceded by a keynote speech from special guest Gary Younge (The Guardian, The Nation). 

The key questions that we’ll be exploring at this event are as follows:

– How might gender or race affect someone’s entry into the media industry?

– How will new technologies affect the traditional entry routes into journalism?

– Does the rise of independent media pose a threat to mainstream media?

Mandem is an online media platform that offers a unique space for young men of colour to express themselves through writing, music and film. Mandem’s events create space for young people to engage in topical discussions centred around culture, politics and identity.