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Arnolfini - est 1961

SUBMERGE: BRISTOL INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL ARTS FESTIVAL 2019 // Are you interested in starting a career in festival and event production and don’t know where to begin? Presented by Submerge, Bristol Festivals, and Arnolfini.

Do you have a great idea for your own festival or event, but no idea how to start? Submerge and Bristol Festivals invite you to a panel discussion on the beginnings of some of Bristol’s leading festivals and events.

Afterwards, you’ll get a chance to quiz the directors on their journeys, challenges and the rewards of working in the sector; and get some tips on how to bring your own ideas to life.

Panelists include:

  • Matthew Austin, MAYK
  • Daryn Carter, Bristol Pride
  • Kirsty Henderson, Portland Productions and founder of Creative Producers training scheme You Produce
  • Mike Pony, Submerge,
  • Sid Sharma, Kambe Events & Shambala Festival

The panel will be chaired by Liz Harkman, Bristol Festivals.

This session is open to everyone, and especially welcoming to young people who are interested in gaining some insight into how festivals operate in the Southwest.