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Arnolfini - est 1961

Join The West of England Design Forum to pay homage to the counterculture classic They Live.

Stemming from a record label, Rough Trade Books like a good party and the West of England Design Forum are hosting one in Bristol this November!

Craig Oldham (Office of Craig and Rough Trade Books) will be celebrating in Bristol as we mark the launch of his latest project — They Live: A Visual and Cultural Awakening. Paying homage to the counterculture classic, the book is a visual celebration of one of the 80’s most revered cult films and is designed as a perfect replica from the film’s iconic newsstand scene.

Politics, art, music, comics, typography, literature, philosophy, and of course, film. They Live touches on topics that are as relevant now as they were then, with leading cultural figures exploring and examining the film’s influence and impact, especially on a creative community that are growing increasingly activist.

Enjoy first hand a design deconstruct of the film and the design references within, and hear how Craig explored the key visual influences to turn the film into a book. 

There’s a Q&A and book signing too, plus another inspiring WEDF warm-up act – if you’d like this to be you then get in touch by contacting