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Arnolfini - est 1961

The preview of the 56 Group Wales exhibition and the exhibition of original prints by Victor Pasmore will be on THURSDAY 11 february from 20 00 until 22 00 hours.
The 56 Group Wales exhibition will include recent works by Mervyn Baldwin, Arthur Giardelli, Robert Hunter. Keith Richardson-Jones, Eric Rowan, Terry Setch, Christopher Shurrock, Anthony Stevens, Michael Tyzack. Alan Wood. Each artist will be showing one small and two larger works. In order to give adequate space to each exhibitor the initial hanging will be of the group of three works by half the exhibitors together with the smaller works by the remaining exhibitors. The exhibition will then be rehung on 26 february to show the remaining unexhibited larger works together with the small works by the artists fully represented in the first half of the exhibition.
The exhibition of original prints by Victor Pasmore (kindly lent by Marlborough Fine Art (London) Ltd.) will include the recently published portfolios of Points of Contact/Transformations 1-7 and Points of Contact/Linear Developments 1 -7 as well as earlier editions of which copies are still available for sale.