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Arnolfini - est 1961

Thu 6 Jul – Sun 6 Aug

The Black Moving Cube: Black Figuration & The Moving Image

Dark Studio

The Black Moving Cube season represents work from black artists who have used the physical space of the gallery and museum to re-frame a particular set of ideas that comments upon film art culture. Collectively the programme explores ideas of culture and identity through influences including the 70s Blaxploitation era, contemporary pop culture and the African diaspora.

With newly commissioned works produced and presented alongside a range of archival and contemporary material, it documents these critical developments and provokes further debate within the visual arts. Screening daily at Arnolfini are four new short films from Kolé Onil-ere, Inge Blackman, John Sealey and Kaz Ové. The short films will screen regularly throughout the day.

Commissioned by Arnolfini and Decibel in collaboration with the curator David A. Bailey.


Historically, representations of the black body in the UK have been a constant presence across fine art and popular culture, yet up to now the subject has received very little critical attention. Over the past two decades, new generations of artists working with the moving image have begun to reverse this trend – revealing how images of ‘otherness’ have been central to commonplace definitions of identity within the symbolic order of the West.