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Arnolfini - est 1961

Sun 9 Sep 7.30pm

The Darkside Present Foreign Muck

An Evening Hosted by Alex Bradley (Spaghetti Club) & Anthony Roberts


Come and muck about at being a rock star! Anthony Roberts, famous international live art promoter and bus driver dredges up his musical roots, enemies and strays to form the mythical Foreign Muck, a band said to have existed only in the minds of LSD devotees living in a commune in the grounds of a Colchester church. In the current culture of band reformations, Ant and Alex reform a fictional band that will break up at their first gig. Ensure your place in rock ‘n’ roll history by becoming a guest vocalist on one of their seminal tracks. To see the songs and sign up go to or call Arnolfini box office for details. On the other hand, simply turn up…The supporting act is the most fabulous Paul Granjon with a truly loaded disco hour in the bar.

The Darkside is a series of regular social events hosted by different artists in collaboration with Spaghetti Club. It’s a chance to meet, talk and be part of a number of special events.

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Financially supported by the Arts Council England. In partnership with Arnolfini and Theatre Bristol.