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Arnolfini - est 1961

Sun 8 July 7.00pm

Dark Studio / Free

The Darkside: Recorded Live

An Evening Hosted By Elaine Kordys (Spaghetti Club) & Bob Levene

Bring a record, tape or CD. It can be anything… music, sound, spoken word …something you have seen live or something you would love to see. Talk about it, perform it, or have it performed for you. How would you evoke those lost live moments? Alternatively, you can come and simply listen over a glass of wine and some hula hoops. The evening is dedicated to all things live and lost.

Elaine Kordys is an artist who makes installation and performance, she lives and works in Glasgow and is one of The Spaghetti Club. Bob Levene is an artist and programmer, she lives and works in Hull. /

The Darkside is a series of regular social events, hosted in Arnolfini’s Dark Studio by different artists in collaboration with Associate Artists The Spaghetti Club. It’s a chance to meet, talk and be part of a number of special events which will include The Performance Re-Enactment Society, The Anthony Roberts All-Stars and the z-lab disco hour. For more information about The Darkside project visit