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Arnolfini - est 1961

Sun 17 May
Two films to accompany THE GOOD LIFE exhibition

Los Angeles Plays Itself (CTBA)
Sun 17 May, 3.30pm
A fascinating video essay by Thom Anderson about how movies have portrayed the city of Los Angeles. Superb in its breadth and cogently argued, it weaves together footage from dozens of films made in or about the city, as Anderson gradually builds his thesis about how Hollywood has represented and misrepresented its home city.
Dir. Thom Anderson USA 2003 2h 49m

Passport to Pimlico (U)
Sun 17 May, 7.30pm
A London district discovers that it is in fact part of Burgundy, and declares its independence in this charming Ealing comedy, mixing social realism with fantastical premise. The debate over civic improvement versus business-led redevelopment still preoccupies urban planners.
Dir. Henry Cornelius UK 1949 1h 24m