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Arnolfini - est 1961

Image: Stephen Gill leading a workshop with UWE Bristol students

Arnolfini are excited to share new work by students from UWE Bristol’s Art, Design and Photography courses, in response to the major exhibition: Stephen Gill: Coming up for Air – A Retrospective. Gill’s interest in ‘the periphery’ – the outer limits of an idea or environment, is the focus of students’ responses to Gill’s rich and expansive photographic career. The work spans an eclectic variety of media, presented through a series of independent projects. Responses explore Gill’s own method of working, which often involved pursuing an idea over a sustained period of time asking how we might view the world around us from different perspectives.


Artists included in this exhibition:

BananaFish (BA Photography), Isabelle Bedevian (BA Fine Art), Lea Belz-Koeling (BA Photography), Rebecca Blackmore (BA Graphic Design), Mims Bonnici (BA Fine Art -Art and Writing pathway), Marnie Caulson (BA Graphic Design), Caspar Day (BA Photography), Callum Fiddler Matthews (BA Photography), Molly Ford (BA Photography), Adam Gettinby (BA Photography), Sarah Harding (BA Graphic Design), Meg Harrison (BA Graphic Design), Eddy Hubble (BA Photography), Dee Jackson (BA Fine Art), Harry Judge (BA Fine Art – Art and Writing pathway), Tori King-Blake (BA Photography), Simmygirlz (BA Graphic Design), Ruth McKeand (BA Photography), Morton Moss (BA Photography), jorba (BA Photography), Toni Parham (BA Photography), Julia Ruszal (BA Graphic Design), Isabel Salmon (BA Photography), Arthur Sheppard (BA Graphic Design), Joshua Sibley (BA Photography), Aleskandra Tsvetanova (BA Graphic Design), Guy Undrill (BA Fine Art), Enzo Xenakis-Serra (BA Graphic Design).

Exhibition open to the public except: 31 January, 12.30pm to 4pm; 7 February, All Day; 8 February, 3.30pm to 6pm; 10 February 11.30am to 3pm

The Periphery is a collaboration between Arnolfini, The School of Art and Design and ACE Faculty Technical Learning at UWE Bristol