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Arnolfini - est 1961

Hosted by our friends at Bristol Ideas, your chance to see a complete screening of the 1964 television docudrama following several people living and working in Bristol, with an introduction by A C H Smith.

The Newcomers is a unique view of the city in the early 1960s at a time of national and international social, cultural, political and economic change.

It is centred around the lives of Alison Kennedy, who came to Bristol as a student, and Anthony Smith (who later took the pen name A C H Smith), who came to work on a newspaper. They met by chance, married, and Bristol became their home and where they started their family. Many familiar faces from Bristol at the time feature, including playwrights Tom Stoppard, Peter Nichols and Charles Wood.

The Newcomers is brilliantly filmed and edited by John Boorman who was working at the time for BBC West. Three years later he made Point Blank, starting his long career in Hollywood.

This is a rare chance to see the complete series on the cinema screen, with an introduction by Anthony Smith.

Event schedule

2pm: Introduction
2.10pm: Screening starts (Episodes 1 to 3)
3.40pm: Interval
3.55pm: Screening resumes: (Episodes 4 to 6)
6.05pm: Event ends

Generously supported by the BFI FAN Film Exhibition Fund. With thanks to the BFI National TV Archive.

Ahead of the screening, Bristol Ideas invite you on a walk to visit some of the areas of the city centre – as well as the ideas – explored in The Newcomers. Click here for details.