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Arnolfini - est 1961

image by Lisa Whiting Photography for Arnolfini


Raquel Meseguer Zafe’s project Towards a Restful City asks Bristol venues to extend a warm welcome to chronically ill communities to attend, and inhabit, our shared spaces in new ways. Horizontal Events are experiments in different ways of being together in public, welcoming rest and horizontality as ways of being in the world.

For this event at Arnolfini, we will meet in the galleries at twilight on an Autumn evening, to experience the beautiful exhibition Forest: Wake this Ground.

A closed event – like ‘A Night at the Museum’ – the invitation is to linger and rest with the art. Yoga matts and beanbags will be available in all the gallery spaces.

The event will be limited to 20 people. Please email to book a place.

 Please click here for more information about Towards a Restful City


Raquel Meseguer Zafe is a UK based dance theatre practitioner. She founded Unchartered Collective in 2016 to create theatrical encounters that explore the lived experience of invisible disability.

She identifies as dis-abled, works with rest and horizontality as creative impulses, and acknowledges ‘crip’ as a tool in her artistic process. She is interested in interrogating theatrical form, to tell stories about the lived experience of disability in unusual ways.

Raquel also advocates for a ‘The Resting Spaces Network’, asking cultural institutions to widen access for invisible impairment communities by providing resting spaces or horizontal events. Through her projects and talks she seeks to challenge the etiquette of our public spaces and asks us to re-imagine how we might use our public space differently.

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