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Arnolfini - est 1961

Monday 11 March 7.30pm
Tristan Manco: Stencil Graffiti
Street art is both an expression of our culture and a counterculture in itself. ‘Communication’ has become a modern mantra, but as hi-tec communications have increased, a low-tec reaction has been the recent explosion in street art. In this multimedia presentation Tristan Manco will discuss work from his new book Stencil Graffiti (Thames & Hudson £12.95), which showcases over 400 examples of contemporary stencilled works from across the globe. The presentation will be followed by a selection of video shorts including Invisible Inc. by Pablo Fiasco/Conscious Cinema and Banksy: Boom or Bust – SQUALL Productions for AltWorld/Channel 4. Tristan Manco is a graphic artist working mainly in the music and TV industry, and a partner in Bristol company Tijuana Design.
£5.00/£3.00 concessions