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Arnolfini - est 1961

Saturday 6 July to Sunday 8 September
View Finder
Michael Ashkin, Melanie Carvalho, Claude Closky, Rob de Mar, Dan Hays, James Ireland, Patrick Jacobs, Paula Kane, Clare Langan, Matts Leiderstram, Virgil Marti, Gianni Motti, Seamus Nicholson, Ester Partegàs, Torbjørn Rødland, Børre Sæthe, Dirk Skreber
View Finder explores the pictorial, rather than the material, dimension of painting. Each artist in the show looks at the representation of nature, and considers landscape as a natural phenomenon, or as a social and cultural construct. The natural development in the history of picture-making from painting to photography and cinema, and to video and digital imaging, is reflected in the show. The selection of artists in View Finder is international; however, for many, this is their first UK exhibition. Co-curated by Stephen Hepworth and Arnolfini.

A catalogue on both Shimmering Substance and View Finder, with an essay by Alex Coles and dialogues between the curators, is available in the bookshop, price £7.50 (ISBN 0 907738 71 0).