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Arnolfini - est 1961

Thursday 3 and Friday 4 April 8.00pm
Vincent Dance Theatre (UK)
Let The Mountains Lead You To Love
Set in a white landscape, strewn with autumn leaves, this production is a rich and playful look at love, full of vitality, innocence and a healthy dose of cynicism. In contrast to the heartbreaking ferocity of last year’s Drop Dead Gorgeous, Let the Mountains Lead You to Love releases six extraordinary performers from the restrictions of the city to a pastoral setting, to indulge in the confusions of sexuality, the puzzles of attraction and the joys of fake folk dancing. The company’s striking physicality, dark humour and emotionally charged performance style ensure an evening of physical theatre at its raw and startling best. Funny, touching and achingly honest.
£8.00 / £5.00 concessions